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A seamless pathway for your child's first experience into non-competitive gymnastics.

Make friends for life and find out how much fun fitness can be!

Our Y STEPS program helps children develop strength, flexibility and athletic ability. These classes are perfect for school-age beginners, right through to developing junior-level gymnasts.

Children doing Y STEPS gain experience in a range of gymnastic activities and exercises – be it balancing on the beams, swinging on the bars or practising floor movements. Every student is encouraged to learn at their own pace and work towards reaching their own fitness potential in a supportive team environment.

The benefits of gymnastics don’t stop at better balance, control and fitness. Y STEPS lays the foundations needed for other types of sport such as swimming, dance or martial arts. It also teaches children life skills like teamwork, determination and confidence.

Thinking of trying out gymnastics? Y STEPS has 13 levels, or ‘Steps’, each designed for different skill and age levels. The program is available in all our gymnastics centres.

Pre Step – Step 3 | Gymnastics classes for 5-8 years old

Eligibility: No prior gymnastics experience required
Class duration: Generally 1 hour
Coach to gymnast ratio: 1:8 to 1:12 (depending on centres)
Class frequency: Once per week
Uniform: Tight-fitting clothes are recommended to be worn – no hoods/cords/jewellery. YMCA T-shirt, training leotards and singlets are available to purchase for all members and are the best option to wear.

Explore the exciting world of gymnastics from a young age – where play meets exercise! At the beginner gymnastics level, it’s the perfect time for kids aged five and older to develop fitness foundations, explore body awareness and follow simple instructions.

In these classes, children learn simple gymnastic actions and safe movement awareness tumbling on the floor, swinging on the bars and balancing across the beam. Your child’s confidence soars and their independence shines one bold step at a time.

We’re also going to let you in on a secret only gymnastics parents know about… Gymnastics classes provide children with skills that will help them thrive at school. They increase grip strength and hand-eye coordination, which assists in handwriting ability. Core strength developed at gymnastics can improve your child’s attention span and posture – something they’ll need when sitting at their desk during class. Lastly, gymnastics classes teach children problem-solving skills, listening skills and turn-taking.

No experience is required to join our Pre Step to Step 3 classes – just a desire to have fun, learn and have a go.

Gymnastics classes after Step 3

Once children complete this stage, they can move onto recreational gymnastics classes by either:

  • Progressing onto Step 4 with more advanced activities; or
  • Joining Tumbling, Junior Ninja or Free G classes in our Y Gym Sports program. This option is perfect for those looking to continue gymnastics as a casual hobby.

Enquire at your nearest centre:

Step 4 – Step 6 | Non-competitive gymnastics classes for 8-12 years old

Eligibility: Pass Step 3 (or have equivalent skill)
Class duration: Step 4 - 1.25 hours | Step 5 - 1.5 hours | Step 6 - 2 hours
Coach to gymnast ratio: 1:8 to 1:12 (depending on centres)
Class frequency: Step 4 and 5 – once per week | Step 6 – option to come twice per week
Uniform: Tight-fitting clothes are recommended to be worn – no hoods/cords/jewellery. YMCA T-shirt, training leotards and singlets are available to purchase for all members and are the best option to wear.

Find out why gymnastics is considered a high-energy, thrilling and rewarding sport in Step 4-Step 6. Gymnastics lessons will become more challenging at this stage, as children improve their skills and expand their abilities for junior levels.

Children aged eight to 12 will get hands-on practice trying more advanced movements using a range of gymnastics equipment. Our qualified and passionate coaches will guide your children through exercises such as cartwheels, handstands and walkovers – to name a few! Our supportive one-on-one coach feedback allows children to develop their performance, while team activities help friendships flourish.

Determination in these steps pays off, and children who complete Step 6 will be on their way to developing Australian National Level 3 equivalent skills. From Step 5, children are also given a chance to shine in our YMCA end of term events and end of year showcases.

Gymnastics classes after Step 6

Those who wish to elevate their gymnastic ability in our artistic disciplines (Men’s and Women’s) can move onto Step 7, where they can refine their skills. From Step 7, children have the opportunity to try out for our Y Competitive program.

If you love gymnastics as much as we do but don’t want to train competitively, we encourage you to join our Y Gym Sports program.

Contact your nearest YMCA Gymnastics centre

Step 7 – Step 13 | Gymnastics classes for 9+ years old

Eligibility: Must have completed Step 6
Class duration: 2 hours
Coach to gymnast ratio: 1:8 to 1:12 (depending on centres)
Class frequency: 2-3 times per week
Uniform: A YMCA training leotard is recommended to wear at this level.

Opportunities are opened up for gymnasts to compete at the YMCA or other local events and display their skills to the world! Gymnasts get the chance to delve into artistic gymnastics, learning more complex moves on artistic apparatus.

Those who meet the competitive team membership criteria may be invited to train for competitive performance. These opportunities include team gym, tumbling, women’s and men’s artistic gymnastics (WAG and MAG) and rhythmic gymnastics, through the Y Competitive program. Some of our gymnasts also love trying out other disciplines and gym sports related to gymnastics classes.

At this level, strength and conditioning are an integral part of the program and enhance performance. Goal setting and risk assessment are continued to be developed as gymnasts perform front and back handsprings and forward and backward somersaults.

You will see your child shine as they become confident, talented gymnasts.

Non-competitive and competitive pathways available. Request more information:

Explore Other YMCA Gymnastics Programs

Whether your child wants to reach a whole new level in gymnastics, participate in competitions, or simply improve their health, movement and confidence, we have you covered with our different gymnastics pathways.

Y Competitive

Offers pathways for girls and boys that are a little more advanced. An exciting world of opportunities opens for children to compete in the Australian National Levels (Level 3-10) pathway at local, regional, state, national and international events.

Y Gym Sports

Offers a variety of classes for any age such as Ninja, Free G, Tumble Gym, and Teen Gym to set your child on a lifelong pathway of fitness while broadening their experience to other sports and the performing arts.

Want To Organise A Gymnastics Birthday Party?

We are kitted up to host birthday parties that will not be forgotten. It is double the fun but no clean up required. Our gymnastics parties are an energetic & unique spin on a traditional birthday event.

*This service is not available at YMCA Acacia Ridge.