Caloundra Gymnastics

Join gymnastics at the Y and develop skills to last a lifetime! Whether you’re finding the ropes, or looking to perform competitively, YMCA Caloundra offers a range of gymnastics classes to suit your needs. With experienced coaches to guide you every step of the way, you’ll gain confidence in no time. Classes include KinderGym, Recreational Gymnastics (Steps), Competitive Gymnastics, Free G (parkour), Adult Gymnastics, and casual Gym Play classes. Come and find out just how fun gymnastics can be!

Our Gymnastics Pathways will give you an overview of our classes on offer and future pathways for your children.

Lessons 6 Days
Ongoing Gymnastics Lessons
Birthday Parties
Our Gymnastics Enrolment Process

Our ongoing and structured gymnastics classes can be enrolled in all year round until classes are full. Occasionally, high demand may mean you will be unable to enroll in your preferred class. We strongly encourage you to finalise enrolments 1-2 weeks before the school term starts to lock in your preferred sessions.

Our unstructured casual classes including Gym Play (for children from walking age to 5) and Adult Gymnastics can be booked and paid for online on a session-by-session basis using our easy Nabooki platform.

Gymnastics Caloundra Programs

Gymnastics Classes By Term Dates

Most of our gymnastics programs run on a school term basis. Add gymnastics to your routine and enjoy fun weekly classes with new friends! Explore the classes we offer to find what suits you.



This KinderGym class designed for 2.5 years old to 4 years old refines movements and further develops gross motor movement. Cognitive and social development comes into perspective.

Children overcome hurdles, build confidence and work towards independence. Kids can then focus on key movements, improving core strength and working with their centre of gravity.

Gym Tots learn to take turns, play with others, understand direction and start to follow instructions.

Our budding gymnasts balance, swing, continue to develop upper body strength, and practice jumping.

This is a parent/caregiver assisted class.


Gym Kids is for children from 4 years old to pre-prep who are looking for more challenges.

Being a little older, our Gym Kids classes enjoy more independent exploration and discovery time with their coaches. This program refines movement, core strength and focuses on both lower and upper both strength.

Listening and social skills develop as children interact with others within a group. Children learn to move their bodies in all directions with forward and backwards rolls, and develop both sides of the body through balancing exercises.

We help children to gain independence in preparation for school. Parents become less involved as children come under the instruction of our expert coaches.

Gym Kids balance, swing, skip, climb, hang and refine single leg and arm movements.

Steps (Recreational)

Prep (For children at school in Prep)

Step 1

A beginner class for young members aged 6-7 years without any gymnastics experience. Classes are 60mins long, held one day per week. Classes focus on basic tumbling & vaulting, and conditioning & climbing

Step 1-2

Step 2

A beginner class for 8 yrs plus (any age above), or for young members (6yrs+) with some experience (passed STEP 1). Classes are 60mins long and held once per week. Classes focus on basic tumbling & vaulting, and basic conditioning & climbing.

Step 3

A class for members 7 years + who have completed STEPs 1 & 2, or for experienced older students. Classes are 60mins long and held once per week. Classes focus on basic tumbling, vaulting, bars skills, balance beam skills and conditioning & climbing.

Step 3-4 Boys

Step 4

A class for members who have completed STEPs 2 & 3, or for experienced older students. Classes are 60mins and held 1-2 times per week. Members can elect to attend two classes per week. Classes focus on conditioning, climbing, intermediate tumbling & vaulting. (introduction of flight & walkovers)

Step 5

A class for members who have completed STEPs 3 & 4, or gymnasts with a National Level 1 badge. Classes are 90mins long and held 1-2 per week. Classes focus on intermediate conditioning, intermediate tumbling & vaulting. (handsprings–walkovers), introductory Balance Beam, Pommel Horse & Still Rings

Step 5-6 Boys

Step 6

A class for members who have completed STEP 5, or gymnasts with a National Level 2 badge. Classes are 1 3/4hrs long and held 1-2 per week.

Step 7-8

Competitive Gymnastics
Free G (Parkour)

Junior Ninja

Junior Ninja is for 4-5 year olds. We know that every little boy and girl has real-life ninja powers! Children will never be bored at Ninja Gymnastics as they race, climb, crawl and jump through our ninja obstacle courses. Ninja classes offer the ultimate warrior challenge for little ninjas to build strength and agility while testing their muscles and endurance. Ninja Gymnastics classes boost children’s confidence, focus and determination.

Free G 5-8

Where Ninja, parkour and free running are explored in a fun action packed 60min classes.

Free G 9-12

Where Ninja, parkour and free running are explored in a fun action packed 60min classes.

Free G 5-9

Where Ninja, parkour and free running are explored in a fun action packed 60min classes.

Adult Gymnastics

Casual Gymnastics Classes

Not able to commit for a full term? We offer casual Gym Play sessions for toddlers who can walk to age 5. These sessions are also perfect for parents who are looking for baby gym classes.

Gym Play is a non-structured play session where you get to bond with your child or children while helping them swing, roll and jump using all our fun gymnastics equipment! Come to one class or many.

Session: every Wednesday & Friday 10:30am-11:30am

Want To Organise A Gymnastics Birthday Party?

We are kitted up to host birthday parties that will not be forgotten. It is double the fun but no clean up required. Our gymnastics parties are an energetic & unique spin on a traditional birthday event.

We Accept Fairplay Vouchers

FairPlay vouchers is one of the initiatives of Activate! Queensland program by Queensland Government to improve physical literacy in the early years and promote more opportunities to be physically active within communities. 

YMCA is proudly a registered activity provider of this program. Parents, carers or guardians can apply for FairPlay vouchers valued up to $150 for your child/ren (aged 5-17).

These vouchers can be used towards payment of gymnastics fees at any YMCA Gymnastics centre. For detailed information on how to apply click here.

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