Aquatics - Victoria Point

Program Overview

Our swimming program provides opportunity for all participants to learn to be stronger in body (motor skills, strength and coordination), mind (creativity, cognitive development and problem solving) and spirit (social development and confidence) – all under the safety and guidance of one of our Austswim qualified swimming teachers.

Primary kids with kick-boards Toddler with floatiesToddlers kicking and splashing

Infant Program  (6months – 3.5 years)
  • STARFISH           6 months – 12 months
  • PERIWINKLE       1 - 2yrs
  • MINNOW             2 - 3yrs

Our infant swimming program is conducted by our specially qualified and training Infant Swimming Teachers. We aim to provide a safe and informative aquatic education experience for the parent and child. Children attend with a parent or carer for a stimulating movement and play experience with opportunities to explore and develop their physical abilities and social interaction in an aquatic environment. Activities include water safety skills, breath control skills, buoyancy and floatation, correct holds, kicking and submersions in an increasingly challenging program. Our fun yet safe environment includes activities to stimulate fine motor skills and foot/hand/eye co-ordination. Children benefit by developing self confidence, body awareness and control while laying good foundations of water safety and awareness and general physical co-ordination. 

Preschool Program (under 5 years)
  • TADPOLE – focus is on water safety and an introduction to the aquatic environment for non-swimmers or children that have just graduated from our Infant program and are swimming for the first time without a parent or carer in the water.
  • GOLDFISH – focus is on water safety and introduction to freestyle.
  • FLYING FISH – focus is on freestyle and an introduction to backstroke.
School-Aged Program (5+ years)
  • OCTOPUS water safety, confidence building, breath control and an introduction to the aquatic environment. Suitable for non- swimmers.
  • SARDINE - water safety, an introduction to freestyle and backstroke.
  • SALMON water safety and basic rescue skills, personal survival skills, further development of freestyle and backstroke and an introduction to freestyle breathing.  Introduction of survival backstroke.
  • TUNAwater safety, rescue techniques, personal survival skills, continuation of freestyle, backstroke, survival backstroke, an introduction to breaststroke.
  • DOLPHINwater safety, rescue techniques, personal survival skills, continuation of freestyle, backstroke, survival backstroke, breaststroke, development of butterfly and introduction to sidestroke.
  • SHARK – water safety, rescue techniques, personal survival skills, continuation of freestyle, backstroke, survival backstroke, breaststroke, development of butterfly and sidestroke. Introduction of tumble turns and basic squad drills.

Our Dolphin and Shark level program has been developed into a Pre-Squad program which is designed to prepare swimmers for our Bronze Squad level. Swimmers must be proficient in all 4 strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly) and be familiar with survival strokes. This program is designed to correct stroke technique and develop swimmer endurance. Correct starts, turns and finishes are encouraged along with an introduction to racing technique and timing. During summer months lessons are held in our outdoor heated 25m pool and in our indoor heated pool during winter.

Students with Special Needs

More than just swimming lessons, the YMCA AquaSafe program offers classes for participants who have learning difficulties, are intellectually and/or physically challenged, disabled or handicapped, or assessed as requiring a special needs program.

Our lessons are conducted in an encouraging and social atmosphere with a specially qualified and experience swimming teacher. Our Special Needs or “Ability Learn to Swim Program” is designed specifically to meet the individual students needs and experience. Classes are held at the instructor’s discretion and may be run as a one-to-one class, a specifically designed group class with a maximum ratio of one teacher to four participants or as part of a 'mainstream' group class with a carer to assist, under direction from our special-needs qualified aquatic education teacher.

A free 30minute assessment with our Special Needs instructor should be undertaken prior to joining our program. This allows us to meet the student and develop a specific program for their ability and allows you to discuss what you would like to achieve from the program.

Adult Programs


Swimming lessons are not just for the kids! Whether you are a non-swimmer or just looking for some stroke correction – Adult Learn to Swim caters to all abilities of swimming. We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels in both our indoor and outdoor pools.
Classes are available all year round and run for 30 minutes.