YMCA Westside Dance

We offer dance classes for children from walking age through to 13 years and adult classes. Our classes range from CSTD ballet, jazz, and tap as well as musical theatre, contemporary, hip hop, breakdance and acrobatics. Dancers can progress from our Mummy & Me and Preschool classes through to examination and competition levels based on age.

Participants gain self-confidence, discipline, personal responsibility and attain leadership skills. They also learn team work and respecting the rights of their peers and teachers. Our teachers lead by example by their behaviour and attitudes to promote an encouraging and supportive environment for all dancers. All teachers are fully experienced and qualified in their specific forms of dance.

10 Reasons to Learn Dance

  1. Develops kinaesthetic intelligence
  2. Creates opportunities for self-expression and communication
  3. Teaches creativity, problem solving, risk taking and making judgments
  4. Promotes the development of multisensory beings
  5. Develops a healthy self-esteem and confidence
  6. Prepares people for careers in dance and other fields
  7. Enhances an individual’s quality of life
  8. Develops physical fitness, appreciation of the body and effective stress management
  9. Builds long lasting friendships
  10. It’s really fun!